I’ve taken to thinking on bus rides home about what my day was like.

Drowning out the surroundings with some music I think back to the past day or two and wander through experiences, memories, and thoughts.

Then I try to think if I can put any of that on here.

毎回結果は曖昧になってしまう。考えている内に「これのことを書こう」と言うのは何度かあるがそのことについて考えて実際何を考えているのかを分析している内にいろいろなところの lines don’t connect. I knew humanity in general is self contradictory in many ways but こんなにも思考が自滅するものなのか?Aren’t they supposed to be called trains of thought because they generally move in straight lines? 何か考えてると思考がタイムマシンで自らを上書きしようと・・・! Time paradox! ええい! もう訳分からん!

これは「考えすぎは良くない」と何かに言われているような気がしてしょうがない。Or I’m just not thinking well/efficiently/thoughtfully enough to process what I’m trying to think. Like running a high end game on an ancient netbook. The problem is, I’m not ancient nor am I a netbook. I’m a self programming, self learning bio computer. That doesn’t have root access to its self… or have any repositories it can call on to directly download packages. The external dependencies are horrible too.


This is turning into a psychology blog…

I need to write other stuff in here.