• 3/4 avocados
  • 1 egg
  • green onion
  • some kimchi
  • 1合 of rice



Avocados aren’t generally used in Japanese cooking. The oft seen California roll is an example of crazy western thinking (from a Japanese point of view). I like the avocado and soy sauce combination though, they go very well together and are very good on rice. Much better than just soy sauce on rice.邪道な・・・

I wonder… if I soaked them long enough in soy sauce (marinated might be the right word) would they become good おつまみfor 酒? If they go well with rice, would they go well with rice wine? Kimchi probably does, and おつまみare generally spicy/salty/fatty things aren’t they?

Well that’s the end of that batch of みそ汁. Need to go stick some 煮干しin a pot to soak overnight for making more tomorrow…