May 29, May 30

May regret it later but enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and quiet city that he got to see before heading to Japan.


Waking up at 4 am isn’t too bad, and you get to see the quiet town that is usually hidden in the bustle.
With only a travel back pack, a suit case, and a small bag with the おみやげ for Ms. Chestnutfield it wasn’t bad getting from King Edward Canada Line station to YVR.

Going through US customs with a Japanese passport wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
All I needed to do was to go through ESTA and apply for a visa exemption beforehand. (Canadians have no need to do this since Canada has special relations with the States)
Everything else was standard flight things such as baggage check, security, and customs. (They ask your address in the customs sheet but you just need to say you’re in transit to your final destination if that’s where you’re not staying)

A nice customs officer complained to me on my behalf about having to go through ESTA, which costs about $15, despite having a Canadian and Japanese passport (so I could go through the States with the Canadian one and get into Japan with the Japanese one; the airlines don’t let you do this, probably too avoid people entering a country with one passport and leaving with another one)
All in all, the time between arriving at the airport and getting to my departure gate was about thirty minutes.

My hop to Seattle was in a small two propeller plane.

The scale went something like this:
Start “I am Legend” -> snack -> start “Looper” -> lunch -> finish “Looper” -> start and finish “Skyfall” -> eat a sandwich and ice cream -> start watching “Transformers” but get sick of the awkward teen act -> watch “The Hobbit”