Today is Sunday and I have nothing planned for today except laundry that I’ve finished and two things of shopping (cloths and a floor mat/rug).

That sounds more like the off days that I know.

Except the jets that roar across the sky…
There seems to be an air force base nearby.

I think I’ll go out around 12 to go shopping.
Alone this time.
I think it’ll be refreshing not to have to keep track of anybody.
It might be a bit lonely being alone too, but I still think traveling alone is much easier sometimes.

Before bath:

I did end up going to 湘南台 to go buy clothes, but realized on the way back that I could probably have gotten the same things at the closest mall…
Oh well.


There was a park at 湘南台 labelled the 市民公園.


ケーブルを引いたり、MAC address filtering をしてたら一時間ほどたってしまいました。

We went to dinner at a nice little restaurant closer by a little after finishing setting up.
I like their sign, especially the toothed と.