Lunch at work:


Anyway, some more interesting things about work.
I don’t know if this happens as every workplace but every lunch people from a life insurance company stand around in the open between where most of the people work and the cafeteria building.
If I were living here, I think they would try to sell me life insurance but the two times I stopped by I was asked my name and some birthday.
Usually preceded or followed by a conversation on why I’m here.


As long as I don’t get scammed before I go home, I’ll be happy.

Nothing much else happened today.
Almost feel asleep at work (probably left over tiredness from the weekend) but that’s not out of the ordinary.


Next time, I think I’ll write very quickly.
In English.
And get away before they notice or can say to much.
Only if I think they have ulterior motives (which she did, something about getting a card).
I’m not so mean that I’ll do that to a person looking to do a survey for research.

Oh, and I’m apparently going to the exhibition on Friday this week where people will flock to me looking to strip me of my business cards (of which I have 14 left from last time, I started with 20).



If any of you are able to figure out my location from this one picture, I will be impressed.