When riding the train, I usually don’t hear students talking about biology.
Neither do I see people with physics texts open trying to understand Newton’s laws.
What I’ve noticed the most is that many people will be studying or practicing English.



Yeah, no. I’m tired.
Maybe because I tried to stay longer after I got a little bored?
It was fun though, so no complaints.


At this point if we could find a way to keep a person in place while they move around we could start one of those VR worlds from science fiction.
Feedback would be a little bit of an issue though, and we’re not ready to throw just our consciousnesses into the nets just yet.
Cool things I saw today include but are not limited to:
-Gear systems that use magnets instead of physical gears
-many VR demos
-Air bearing pads (bearing as in ball bearings)
-A quadrocopter demo with VR elements to it


Oh, and the venue was Tokyo Big Sight.

Home, after dinner:


Even I’m not that bad, but mobile Internet is very useful for finding your way around on the fly.


Yes, go get your foot massage from an industrial robot courtesy of Kawasaki.
(No that’s not what it’s actually for. It was something to do with modeling and automated 3D machining.)