Starting to get cloudy again…:


I have trouble waking up in the mornings too.
Such as this morning.
It usually doesn’t help if I stayed up until midnight the night before.
Other than waking up, I washed my futon by taking it to the bath and stepping on it as I hosed (showered) it down.
The water stated out white and frothy so I’m guessing that the soap from the mold removed stuck to the futon.
It was then hung to dry outside and then in the laundry room when I left to meet a friend and cooked at their house.


The bath at the dorm is in the public bath style.
A more typical household bath is essentially the same thing though, just scaled down to one shower head and a one person bathtub.
It feels nice to soak in the bath once in a while and since there’s always warm water in the bath it’s not that hard to.