I slept at 10 yesterday, so why am I still tired:


I think this problem stems from a few things.
The first is that I’m not a real employee of the company and can’t go ahead and order things or take the preparatory steps myself.
The company has a face and I’m not part of that face, so I can’t really be shown to the outside.
The second is that my supervisor is too busy to even make me an outline of what experiments he wants me to do.
I suppose that can’t be helped either (I won’t question his time management or anything like that).
The last is that my supervisor is not used to working with others.
I may have mentioned it before but my supervisor worked on this project alone and has worked without a team for the past few years.
So I just sit around and twiddle my thumbs until something comes along that has to be done…?
Maybe I’ll try to do some work for my previous section.


My old phone and current alarm/mp3 player.
LG-P500, it was a decent phone and it’s still pretty good.
It became better after I loaded it with the Oxygen custom ROM.
Rooting and placing custom ROMs on your phone is always fun.
Just make sure you understand that you do so at your own risk.
I think I’ll root my Nexus 4 once I get back to Canada.
It’s currently my only reasonable computing device and I don’t want to put it out of commission.
My other device it’s a dead Asus T101 that I got in first year.
It’s little single core Atom crunches along slower than my phone.
Impressive phone, or slow computer?