On my way to a conference in Yokohama:


So during Sunday I finished my experiential report for the Canada Japan Co-op Program and worked until around 0200 Tuesday morning on my project proposal.
We found that what we were going for in our past proposals were either already done or felt sort of pointless.
Such as making a paper actuator:
Paper it’s self can not move, so you need a separate source of energy.
But when you add the separate source if energy, it stops being a paper actuator because the actuation is being done by a motor, not paper.
And the circuit printing on paper idea was shot down since it had already been done by the grad student working on the project.
Miscommunication on our part but also bad prep on their part I think.
Oh well, hopefully this goes through so we don’t have to write another one.



So this is the first academic sort of conference I’ve been to.
I quite enjoyed it thanks to the interesting topics being presented.
Fell asleep for the first three presentations of the day though…
Too tired…


My favourite presentation today was the keynote at the end by a professor from Tokyo University.
He showed a few videos during his presentation that I’d seen before online.
He was the head of the research unit that did those videos.
He talked of how the human was far inferior to machines in terms of specifications and that the only thing we had were learning, prediction, and pattern matching skills.
Machines apparently don’t need these skills because if done right, they can get everything without needing to predict.
They’re just that good.
We with our 30fps eyes and 20m/s signal speeds don’t stand a chance against 1000fps eyes and nanosecond delays in circuitry.



On my way home in Yokohama I saw the red brick wearhouse.
It’s sort of like Granville island in Vancouver.
A bunch of hand made jewellery and nice shops.
Outside it was this Christmas tree.
Pretty pretty Christmas tree.
And we’re still weeks away…
Never too early to get in the spirit of things?