Sitting at a bank (second one today) waiting to be called upon:


The last few days of work were spent organising data I took, finishing up my last technical reports, and finalising a manual to leave the next interns.
On the last day of work I had half the day to do almost nothing because I had wound up everything I needed to do for the work term.
Looking around the open office floor I noticed one guy sitting a few tables away who, when thinking about something, would twirl his hair around.
This isn’t really uncommon, playing with hair while thinking, but it was interesting how he played with the hair on the top of his head.
Like, right at the top.
It looked like he has a small swirly black horn on his head after playing with it.
It’s interesting to watch people and their habits.


So, my work term came to a close with a drinking party if sorts on our floor.
My team didn’t participate much because that’s the kind of people they are.
I was happy with my team and thankful I got this job though.
Than you and cheers to you all and may you all have a happy new year!