So I realized yesterday that I have time to blog when I’m on my way to work.
15~20 minutes on the bus is perfect for one post most of the time.
I also realized that I do interesting and weird stuff sometimes (like using a muffin tin to easily freeze and wrap meat patties).
Though most of the time in a day is usually spent at work (where everything is said to be quite confidential).


In other news:
I bikes to and from work yesterday. Going there was hard but the ride back was easy. UBC is above where home is (curse you gravity… Wait, no, come back! We still need you! *air thins as it’s dispersed into space).


The beach at UBC on a moderately sunny day after work. Vancouver should stay like this most of the year. Though the truth is that it rains most of the time and this time of year is when all the pictures for the pamphlets are taken.