So it’s been 7 months since my last post…
That was when I started working at the small company at the university?
And since then I’ve finished that co-op position and started school again?


What did I do?
I finished the co-op position, moved houses, started and finished my second to last term as an undergrad, did my first student loans application, and started applying for graduate school, etc,,,
Last term had a project and all free time got devoted to that. Hence the no blogging.


The co–op was 4 months and was due to end at the end of August but I worked a few weekends to get the last week off to enjoy a short lived holiday. My girlfriend came over from Calgary to see me during that time (yay, though going with her back to her temporary residence every night and then coming home at around 1AM left me sleepy).
Then Year 5 Term 1 of school started. That term included a classes on numerical methods, transistors as amplifiers, artificial intelligence, signal theory, ethics, linear programming, and a project. Lots of stuff… fun stuff (魚のような目)
The project, which was a big part of my life during that time, consisted of a dual line following robot 12 m wide and weighing up to 2 tonnes. The project was a lot bigger than we thought it would be when we started… But it sort of worked! Got to learn a lot about industrial sensors and motor drivers and got to play with an Arduino Mega so it was nice.
Sometime during all of those courses I needed to start applying to graduate schools. I ended up applying to the University of Toronto and UBC. The most time consuming part of all that was probably the scholarship applications. Canada has the NSERC-CGSM and a few other national scholarships and university applications usually ask for things like this so they can see if you’re (1) trying and (2) going to cost them less than a non-funded graduate student. So, for graduate school applications, go look for scholarships and get applications up as soon as possible so you can go apply to graduate schools looking all nice and ready.
Student loans weren’t hard to get but make sure you’ve used up all of your resources first (more on this later). For BC, Canada we get to do something through StudentAidBC for an integrated loan from the Canadian and Provincial government. Make sure you look into this early to not miss deadlines!


To make it better, I got invitations from two departments.
One from Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and one from the Institute of Aerospace Studies.
At least I looks like I’m wanted.

PS: This new editor for WordPress looks clean and nice but I have to find all the settings again…